(in AM, use flavor)
1) N-VAR The flavour of a food or drink is its taste.

This cheese has a crumbly texture with a strong flavour...

I always add some paprika for extra flavour.

...drinks of rich colours and strong flavours.

2) N-COUNT: oft n N If something is orange flavour or beef flavour, it is made to taste of orange or beef.

...salt and vinegar flavour crisps.

...now available in three new flavours.

3) VERB If you flavour food or drink, you add something to it to give it a particular taste.

[V n with n] Flavour your favourite dishes with exotic herbs and spices...

[V n] Lime preserved in salt is a north African speciality which is used to flavour chicken dishes.

4) N-COUNT: usu with supp You can refer to a special quality that something has as its flavour. For example, if something has an Italian flavour it reminds you of Italian things.

...a car with a flavour that is distinctly Italian.

...clothes with a nostalgic Forties flavour.

5) N-SING: oft a N of n If something gives you a flavour of a subject, situation, or event, it gives you a general idea of what it is like.

The book gives you a flavour of what alternative therapy is about.

6) PHRASE: usu v-link PHR If you think that something or someone is very popular at a particular time, you can say that they are flavour of the month.

Hats were very much flavour of the month...

Middlesex cricketers Gatting and Emburey are hardly flavour of the month.


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